Scan, Order, Pay

Guest relationshpis have never been that simple and accurate.

With jetrik, your guests can place the correct and accurate order themselves, and the orders can be sent directly to the kitchen according to the workflow you have determined. If your guests using their own phones wish they can save time for you and themselves by making the payment online here.

Receive order from anywhere

With jetrik, you can take orders for Package Service, Fastfood and at the desk with QR.

Payment Integrations

If you wish, you can receive payments together with the orders or alone with jetrik.


You can accept all your reservations via jetrik and reach an integrated environment.

Your Menus are under your own control

When you make changes by logging into our Panel with your own username and password, without the menu update problem, it is instantly reflected in all menus.

It is extremely easy to automatic or manual closing of the numbered products, Using different price lists for different operations, to be able to define unlimited ordering features for products and to define all the portions you want.

It is now under your control to adjust the positions of the products and categories, to add a favorite product category and to highlight the product you want.

Getting an Order is Everything

With Jetrik, you can receive orders from anywhere under any condition.

If you wish, from your own website, from your facebook page where you have added your button, or from the table where you have added the QR code. The basic philosophy of jetrik is to ensure that you receive orders from anywhere under any condition.

When you complete the jetrik installation, you can add a special Menu button and take orders from every where you add this button.

You can use it by scanning the QR code at the desk, or for your Delivery Service too.

The Power of Online Payment

We are ……….. the online shopping that we are used to with the pandemic to your restaurant. You can now securely receive payments immediately after all orders.

You can receive your payments by activating the Secure Online payment feature for whether your orders that you receive by scanning the QR at the table or for your Delivery Service orders.

If you wish, your customers can pay by splitting the payments, leave a tip to the service, and all these transactions can be reported in detail.

Order Features

Your guests can order exactly the products they want to eat, without portion limit and order feature limit. Of course, in the dimensions you determine.

Allergen warnings and calorie information on your products will make you one of the indispensable restaurants.

As it integrates with health apps over time, your guests will be able to track what they eat and how much they eat online.

Payment Features

You can receive secure online payments from your guests. With MasterPass and Visa Checkout integrations, they can pay even without entering Credit Card information.

They can split the bill and pay in parts or do it the German way. By sending their bills to their relatives, they can request immediate payment for them. They can pay via Apple Pay and Google Wallet as it integrates with common wallets.

Reservation Features

With jetrik, you can find solutions for all your reservation needs such as tables, number of people or Order Ahead. If you wish, you can reserve their tables, or you can make your regular customers feel privileged by Order Ahead.

You can request a deposit in advance for your reservations and collect these deposits online. Your tables can continue to receive orders at the time of reservation by working integrated with your reservation.