Scan, Order, Pay

Guest relationships have never been that simple and accurate.

Jetrik allows your guests to place accurate, error-free orders independently, ensuring a seamless flow of orders directly to the kitchen as per your established workflow. For added convenience, guests using their personal devices can also opt to make their payments online, saving time for both your staff and the patrons.

Receive orders from everywhere

Effortlessly accept orders for Package Service, Fastfood, and at the counter using QR codes with jetrik, simplifying your operational process.

Payment Integrations

Integrate payments with orders or handle them separately using jetrik, based on your preference and convenience.


Consolidate all your reservations seamlessly through jetrik, achieving a unified and organized environment for efficient management and improved service.

Your Menus are under your own control

Our intuitive Panel ensures seamless menu updates. When you log in with your unique credentials and modify the menu, these changes instantly propagate across all menus.

You have full control to effortlessly manage numbered products, whether it’s automatic or manual closure. Customizing distinct price lists for various operations, defining an array of ordering features, and specifying portions for each product are all at your fingertips.

Furthermore, you can easily fine-tune product and category placements, create a “Favorite” product category, and emphasize specific products, giving you complete control and flexibility.

Getting an Order is Everything

jetrik empowers you to seamlessly accept orders from any location and in any situation. You have the option to receive orders through your website, via the jetrik button integrated into your Facebook page, or directly from your physical desk using the QR code.

jetrik’s fundamental principle is to facilitate order placement from diverse settings and circumstances. Upon installing jetrik, a dedicated Menu button is incorporated, allowing you to accept orders effortlessly wherever this button is placed. Whether scanning the QR code at a table or within your Takeaway Service, jetrik ensures a smooth ordering experience.

The Power of Online Payment

We’re introducing the familiar convenience of online shopping to your restaurant in response to the pandemic. Now, after each order, you can securely receive payments instantly.

You have the flexibility to accept payments by either scanning the QR code at the table or enabling the Secure Online Payment feature for orders from the Takeaway Service. If desired, your customers can conveniently split their payments and provide a detailed report to the service. All these transactions are comprehensively recorded and reported for your ease of management.

Order Features

Your patrons have the freedom to order their desired products without any restrictions on portions or order features, all within the parameters you define.

Providing allergen warnings and calorie information for your products not only enhances your service but also establishes your restaurant as an essential choice for guests seeking this information. As you integrate with health apps, your guests will gradually have the ability to track their consumption online, gaining insights into what and how much they eat. This further elevates the overall dining experience at your establishment.

Payment Features

jetrik enables you to accept secure online payments from your guests. Through seamless integrations with MasterPass and Visa Checkout, your patrons can conveniently make payments without having to enter their credit card information each time. Options like splitting the bill or using the German Method for payments are also available.

Moreover, guests can easily share their bills with family members and request immediate payments. jetrik also supports payments via popular digital wallets like ApplePay and Google Wallet, integrating smoothly with commonly used payment methods for added convenience.

Reservation Features

jetrik offers a comprehensive reservation management system catering to all your specific needs, including table reservations, specifying the number of guests, and facilitating Advance Orders. You have the flexibility to reserve tables for guests or provide a VIP experience for your regular customers through advance ordering.

Furthermore, you can request and collect deposits for reservations in advance, streamlining the payment process through online transactions. Seamlessly integrated with your reservation system, jetrik ensures a smooth flow of orders to the tables at the reserved time, enhancing the overall dining experience.